Thursday, July 29, 2021

Kapil Sharma And His Girlfriend Ginni Chatrath Will Get Married On 12 December

Former Stand -Up Comedy King Kapil Sharma and his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath are all set to get married on December 12, 2018, this year. In The Last year, Kapil introduced Ginni as his girlfriend on social media. The couple will get married in Ginni’s hometown at Jalandhar and they will be hosting a grand reception in Mumbai on December 14, 2018.
Kapil Sharma told that he wanted the wedding to be low-key, Ginni’s family want a grand celebration. “We wanted to keep it very low key. But Ginni is the only daughter in her family so Her folks wanted the wedding to be on a lavish scale. And I completely understand their Feelings. My mother also wants the wedding to be lavish.

“During the time of my brother married, I had not started earning well. We just went as a small wedding procession and got bhabhi At home. But by the time my sister got married, At that time I had begun to earn well. So we had a fairly large wedding. because It was lavish by our standards,” he also added.
Kapil Sharma also said that he wanted to let his fans and media know that his wedding date has been set for a long time but he kept mum to promote the Punjabi film Son Of Manjeet Singh Which is Kapil’s first film as the producer. Since the past few weeks, I have been promoting my Punjabi film. I didn’t want to talk about the wedding during these promotions.

Congratulations, Kapil Sharma and Ginni Chatrath.

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