Monday, October 18, 2021

Kamala Harris VP Pick Is Hurting or Helping Joe Biden?

Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s choice for the Vice President. She is the front-runner to be Joe Biden’s running mate, and he announced this in March. For Joe Biden, she is a safe pick and even practical. She has claimed and proved herself to be the heir apparent for the Democratic Party. The same could become reality in four years if Biden loses in November or it doesn’t run for re-election.

The above reason caused quite a stir in US politics, and over the past month, there were several attempts made to knock her down. The effect of the first fight for the next presidential nomination contest was seen with clarity, and it is for sure that Harris has a clear chance of an upper hand there.

The fight for future Democratic nominee is far from the sight, and the present tension is between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Several factors that concern the party and how could she help Joe Biden in his presidential run.

Her strengths


Importantly the Democratic Party looks very young and diverse. The note here is that it was obvious to get someone who is younger and less white in a key position to get more attention from voters. She is born to a Jamaican father and Indian mother fits the bill too well. She is the first black woman and the first Asian to run on a major party presidential ticket.


Attack dog

The most crucial role of a vice-presidential running mate is to get into dirty politics with the opposition. The presidential candidate has to maintain the class and dignity therefor the VP run goes down and attacks will continue in all might.

Harris has a history and proves to fit the bill owing to this fact. She is an aggressive interrogator and entirely determined also.


The drawback that she has is for she is from a law-enforcement background. Recently there have been demonstrations over police brutality and allegations of institutional racism in law enforcement. Many times the opposition has called “ Harris is a cop”, and it was stated in quite an accusing manner.



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