Monday, October 18, 2021

Kamala Harris : On The cusp of US Elections

Ms. Harris, the only black woman in the US Senate. She stands together and is backed with the rest of her party in supporting law enforcement reforms. The lady describes herself as a progressive prosecutor and the top cop in her previous roles in California.

Her White House bid

Gun Control

The lady on her White House bid has promised to execute action to have rigid gun control if she is elected as the President. She is a democrat and openly supports the regulation of gun manufacturers. She has strict views on having mandatory background checks, tightening the loopholes, and have a ban on gun assault. Kamala has gone a step ahead on the issue and would make mandatory buyback a compelling order. The owners of assault weapons should forfeit the guns.

Women’s rights

She is a strict supporter of women’s rights and stands firmly with them, especially with women from the lower-income groups. She supports taxpayer-funded abortions, as it will save the lives of women belonging to the lower-income segments. Harris also has a vision of providing all workers six months paid family leave for personal or medical issues. The provision also includes paying for leaves regarding domestic violence. The lady has excellent vision and thereby supports “equal pay certified” to close the gender pay gap or there face fines.


Ms. Harris is herself a child of an immigrant and thus has strong views on providing the immigrants them the rights that they deserve. She desires to offer citizenship to the millions of documented immigrants living in the US. She further supports decriminalizing border crossing by undocumented immigrants and provide taxpayer-funded healthcare to those crossing without papers.

Climate change

She is the co-sponsor of the Green New deal a policy paper that supports and desires that the US economy takes care of climate change. She has also introduced the climate equity bill. The bill tackles the issue of how environmental laws affect lower-income communities.


It was her shifting views on the health bill that damaged her vice-presidential campaign. She joined Senator Bernie Sander’s 2017 to support Medicare for All bill to provide government-run medical insurance for every American. After that, she started to support the elimination of private health insurance companies.

The above were the five bids or causes supported by Ms. Harris and if she becomes the President we could witness an overall change in the Us.

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