Friday, May 14, 2021

Join Programming/Coding WhatsApp Group Links List 2021

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Hey Guys. Welcome back again. this time I am back with another C programming Whatsapp Group where you will find all the WhatsApp group links related to the coding/Programming. these groups are very much useful for people who are beginners in programming or for any other programming lover. You can share your questions and help others and get help from others too. Make sure you follow the group rules if not the admin of that group will remove you. If you have any coding WhatsApp group then do share it with us so that I will update your link in the list.

Programming WhatsApp Group Rules

  • These coding WhatsApp groups are not for chit chat
  • Only join if you want to help or learn from the group
  • No spamming with off-topic
  • Strictly no sharing of adult content in these groups
  • No sharing of any type or links or videos
  • These groups are for educational purpose only
  • Give respect and take respect from the groups
  • Help others and get help from others
  • Stay active in the group or else you will be removed from the group admin in a very short time
  • you are not allowed to change the group name or timeline without the admin permission. for more group rules ask the admin after joining.

Programming WhatsApp Group Links

Node js Club:-

React js Club:-

C++ For Beginners:-

Programming in C C++:-

Computer books only pdf:-

?C++ PROGRAMMING logics:
?C programming Language:
?Programmers hub:
?Doctor Python:
?Program room ??‍???‍?:
?Programmers Platform tx:
?Hacking/Coding Tutorials:
?Programmers Station:
?Java, C# and Python Developers:
?Hackers Lab:
?JAVA core developers..:
?Programming world wide
?I love Programming?:
?Programmers of the world:
?Programmer’s lounge:
?Hindustani Hackers:
?Android Developers Chat:
?Hankel jankel
??? Android Development ??:
?Android Development:
??Programmers + IT⌨ World:
?Android Development:
?Self taught programmers:
?The Coders Nest???:
?Mean Stack Developer ?:
?Nothing but Javascript:
?Software developer:
?~Breking to the system~⚒:
?Self Taught Programmers:
?Java and Framework tips:
?Programmers Camp:
?Website Developers:
?C , C++ , C# , Java,Swift:
?Technical buddies….:
?? Programming hub ? ?:
?Python Learning Community:

Android Programming/Development WhatsApp Group Links List

?Programmers Only(English):
?Hacking Security and Hack:
?Tech Boilers ???:
?White Hat Hackers:
?Android Home!!:
?Android Community:
?Android Developer’s:
?Front End Developers:
?Mobile Tech & App Experts:
?Web Development:
?Android Developers:
?Android developers ?. ?:
?Android Development Team:
?just java:
?Pro haking?:
?Software Engineer Hub:
?Android Developers:
?Android developer:
?SMART Developers?:
?Android Developers ?:
?1 App review per day only:
?Android Group:
?Web & Android App Develop:
?Android Dev’s ?‍?:
?DEVELOPERS shared group:
?Android developer ??‍???‍?:
?Sms service :
?Android developer ??‍???‍?:
?? Programming hub ? ?:
?Android Developers ?? ?:
more are coming soon……………………………………….