Wednesday, April 14, 2021

John Cena: You Never Hate Him.

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. is an American professional wrestler, television host, actor, and rapper. He is currently signed to WWE, where he appears for both the SmackDown and Raw brands. John Cena is born on April 23, 1977.
John Cena is a five-time U.S. Champion, 16-time World Champion. He is released a hit album, starred in blockbuster movies, proposed to Nikki Bella in the middle of WrestleMania and more than a decade into his WWE tenure. John Cena hasn’t slowed down a step.

Was there any doubt John Cena would become the living legend he is today? You practically knew you were glimpsing the future “Face That Runs the Place” when a muscular Massachusetts kid threw down with Kurt Angle for a chance to become a true WWE Superstar. Sure enough, a little ruthless aggression went a long way. After gaining the respect of his peers by stepping to The Olympic Hero, John Cena went supernova as the fire-spitting Doctor of Thuganomics.

Far from being a one-hit-wonder, however, John Cena set up shop at the mountaintop and refused to decamp, instituting an open-challenge policy to anyone who thought they could knock him off ” You want some, come get some”. And slowly but surely, John Cena preaching an ethos of “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect”  not only amassed a battalion of followers he dubbed the “Cenation,” but also accumulated enough hardware to fill a Home Depot.