iOS7.0-7.1.2 Jailbreaks using 3uTools Software

Notes before the jailbreak:

Please use iTunes to back up your important data before jailbreak.

  1. Turn off the “Passcode” and “Find My iPhone”, and then begin your jailbreak.
  2. Turn off “Passcode”: Setting→Passcode→Turn Passcode off.
  3. Turn off “Find My iPhone”: Setting→iCloud→Find My iPhone.
  4. Please remember to revise your device date to 01/06/2014.
  5. The device with firmware is upgraded via OTA may fail in the process of jailbreak, and thus in such a situation, you are suggested to flash or restore your Apple device by using 3uTools whose one-click flash is very easy-to-use.

iOS7.0-7.1.2 Jailbreaks using 3uTools Software
Step 1.Ensure you have installed the iTunes in your computer, and then after downloading the latest version of 3uTools.
Step 2. Please install the 3uTools, do the above preparations on the iPhone, and then connect it to the computer via the USB cable.
Step 3. Click Flash & Jailbreak→Jailbreak→iOS5.1.1/6.x/7.x jailbreak. If you will forget to revise the date manually, 3uTools will report the error. Please revise the date accordingly as it requires, and then continue to the normal jailbreak.

Step 4. Click “Pangu” icon on your iPhone according to as 3uTools requires.
Step 5. Wait for the device to restart. And then the jailbreak is completed.

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