Thursday, July 29, 2021

iOS 12 new feature Control Group Notification using 3utools

iOS 12 come up with a new long-awaited feature that Groups all of the notifications from a single app together in one neat bundle that avoids the lock screen from becoming overly cluttered.

All apps have an Automatic grouped notification setting which groups up notifications by app. For example, if you have multiple imessages conversions going on with people and the notification might be grouped by the app but separated by the person.
You can choose your Notification settings to turn off grouped notifications entirely to force your iOS device to sort all incoming notification by the app, regardless of whether or not the certain notification is coming from different people. here are the steps to do this.

  • open up the settings app.
  • choose “Notifications” from the main list of options.
  • Find the app with notifications you want to modify from the list, such as Messages and tap it.
  • scroll down to Notification Grouping and tap it.
  • Automatic is enabled by default. select “By App” or “off” to change it.


As mention in the above paragraph selecting ” By App” instead of “Automatic” will make sure that all incoming notifications from a specific app are grouped together.
selecting the “off” option will disable Notification Grouping for all selected app entirely. That means your incoming notifications for that app will have come in individually as like iOS 11.
There is no turn off Notification Grouping option for all apps at once so you have to be enabled on the app by app basis.

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