Saturday, April 10, 2021

International No Diet Day 2021

International No Diet is Observed on 6th may. This day is also known as INDD. The first time this day is celebrated in 1992 in Uk.No diet Day is Annual celebration of the own body acceptance. Whatever your body size including fat acceptance and body diversity accept it as it.
No diet Day is focused on health at any size and raise awareness about the dangers of the dieting. This Day is specially celebrated in the United States, Australia, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, India and Brazil, and in many other countries.

Aim of No Diet Day:-

  • Raise Awareness about Overweight.
  • Know the fact about the diet industry.
  • Accept Body Diversity.
  • Know the Potential Dangerous of Diet.

History of No Diet Day:-

International No diet day was Founded by Mary Evans Young in 1992. She is the director of the British group “Diet Breakers”.Mary suffers from an eating disorder. Mary learns from her life and appreciates peoples for what they are and what body they have. She developed understanding through her own experience as she has a fat body.

                     Mary Evans

There is two incident in Mary’s life which inspires her about no diet day. The first incident she had, in one television program in which three women having surgery for weight loss. But all three women regain weight after the surgery. So mary feels disappointed on this incident.
In another incident, mary read the news of the one teenager girl committed suicide because of the overweight. After this incident, mary introduces first no diet day In May 1992. In 1993 also other countries are inspired to celebrate the No Diet Day. 6 May is Birthday of Mary so this day is declared as No Diet Day.

How to Celebrate this Day?

Food is one of the greatest pleasure of our life. if you eat food with friends so can enjoy the taste. Go with your friends and enjoy the foods in a group.
No matter where you are at school, office, in public place just enjoy the dance with music.

Five Types Of Diet Without any Food Restrictions:-

  1. Intermittent Fasting Diet
  2. 5:2 Diet
  3. Mediterranean Diet
  4. 16:8 Fasting Diet
  5. Non-diet diet