Thursday, May 13, 2021

International Day of Living Together in Peace 16 May

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International Day of living together in peace is observed on 16th May every year. The first time this day is celebrated on 16th May 2018. The world becomes increasingly interconnected and interdependent on each other. However, relations between different societies, nations, and cultures don’t appear stronger. Due to a different mindset of people, different culture and various conflicts occur all over the world.
As a result, there is a different religion, different culture, different living style, and different beliefs are observed. So there are some good people and some bad people in the world.which caused the intolerance in every manner. As a result, duality is created. Where there is a richness there is poverty. It also increases Mistrust and incomprehension in the people of all around the world.
The main aim of this day is to accept others as they are. Living together in peace is all about to accept difference and having the ability to listen to others and respect others. This day promote peace, moderation, solidarity, and understanding.     
This peace cannot be achieved by the absence of conflict but it also requires a positive attitude and perspective to understand other people. It requires trust, cooperation and mutual respect for each other.
To peace and harmonious coexistence, we need to encourage others and promote moderation as a value of underpinning peace, security, and development. In the long run, it can be achieved by bringing all cultures together and working with communities. Children and youths are the keys to achieve this goal. Therefore they need to understand the agenda of peacebuilding.      
All the difference is at the basis of the mind level and at the level of our identity. But it cannot define what we are. So all people should not be afraid of this complexity. All people need to recognize the diversity of the world’s cultures and links uniting them. we need to understand the shared roots between cultures and its reciprocal.  
The International Day of Living Together in Peace aims to encourage the individuals and the world to have an active role in bridge making and creating cohesive societies.