Thursday, May 13, 2021

International Dance Day 2019

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International Dance day is marked on 29th April every Year. This day is founded in 1982. International Theater Institute(ITI) create this day. Purpose of this day is to promote the art of dance around the world.
On This Day ITI selects the special personality each year and create a message for International Dance Day. Dance is an art and method of communication in the culture around the world.

On this Day Different Events and festivals are observed all over the world. Events including open door courses, dance evening,  exhibitions, night show. In this year 2019, Nigeria will host the International Dance Day for the first time.

Importance Of This Day

Some people believe that a single day is not enough to know the importance of art. Other believe that one day is enough to spread the awareness of the art. According to Ashley Lobo choreographer, this day is important as people come together and celebrate this day.

Types of Dancing  

Ballet Dancing:-

This Type of Dancing is very difficult to perform. It is a mixture of technique, coordination.

Tap dancing

In this type of dancing, the dancer wears special metal shoes and dancer uses their feet to create a sound like percussion instruments.

Jazz Dancing 



International Dance Day 2019