Indonesia’s Church attacks 13 killed

In the second largest city of Surabaya suicide bombings carried out by the same family members in three churches on Sunday. As police said the world’s most populous Muslim nation recoiled in horror at one of its worst attacks since the 2002 Bali bombings.
7 people killed at the churches in Surabaya along with the six family members, including two girls were aged 9 and 12. Another 41 people injured.
Tito Karnavian police chief said that the father detonated a car bomb, Two sons aged 18 and 16 used a motorcycle for their attack and the mother and her two daughters wore explosives.
The family had returned to Indonesia from Syria IS take responsibility for the attacks, it didn’t mention anything about families or children taking part and said there were only three attackers.
In 2002 terrorist attack killing 202 people in one night mostly foreigners but the fact that children were involved in Sunday attacks.
Experts on militant networks have warned for several years that the estimated 1,100 Indonesians who traveled to Syria to join IS posed a threat if they returned home.
The network responsible for the Bali attacks was obliterated by a sustained crackdown on militants by Indonesia’s counter-terrorism police with the US and Australian support. A new threat has emerged in recent years, inspired by IS attacks abroad.

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