Saturday, February 29, 2020

India’s First Bullet Train Terminal Design ready,Work Start from January 2019

India’s First Bullet Train Terminal Design ready, Work Start from January 2019

Bullet train MoU was signed between the Indian government and Japan in on 12 December 2015. Before that this project was approved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2014.

This Bullet train project is between Mumbai-Ahmadabad corridor. Length of this rail corridor is 508 km.

Bullet Train Terminal design ready and its based on the theme of Dandi March. This hub will be created at an estimated cost of 250 crores.

This hub is known as Sabarmati Hub. This hub is created 400 meters away from the Sabarmati station.

The rooftop of this hub is covered by solar panels and this hub reflect the symbol of charkha. The Passenger terminal hub will be connected to the station. Passengers using the metro or any other transport will assemble at the passenger terminal hub.

This passenger terminal hub will be connected to both the metro station and the existing railway station.

Construction of this hub will be begun by this January 2019.1,500 vehicles can be accommodated in the three levels of parking separate for buses, Cars, Autos and two-wheeler.

This mega projects estimated costing up to 1.08 lakh crore, will be completed by 2022. The passengers have to pay 3000 rs for Sabarmati to Mumbai. And overall Fares may be between 250 to 3000 rs.

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