Wednesday, April 14, 2021

In Mumbai Class 9 student jump off 14th floor

Student of class nine jump off the 14th floor of Kandivali Mumbai. Boy was reprimanded for excessive use of cellphones and social media. A resident spotted the teenager sitting on a ledge nearly half an hour before this tragedy. Security alerted but by the time a guard reached the spot he had jumped. Teenager boy makes stories on Instagram and apologizing for everyone.

The boy was good in studies and had a clear class 9 exam in Kandivali school of IGCSE stream. He was avid footballer also training at an Andheri based football academy.
His parents travel more for their travel and tourism business the boy and his sister spent time with their grandfather. Their parents own a flat in the adjacent building.

Around 5.30 am on Tuesday a 10th floor resident of the high rise was cooking at that time she saw teenager seated on the 14th floor she cannot see the clear face but she only sees the legs dangling from the ledge so she immediately called up a security guard.

Ten minutes later the teen had not moved from his position she called up the guard again. The guard told her that he had informed his supervisor. Around 5.55 am the supervisor reached the 14th floor. A pair of headphones and a portable speaker was found on the ledge.
The guards immediately informed his mother and sister who rushed to the high rise.

His father who is currently Canada on work is yet to reach in India. His Friends said that the teen was speaking to a friend on the phone around 1.30 am when his mother entered his room and reprimanded him for more use of phone and internet and asked him to get some slip.

Around 3 am he posted a message on Instagram stories which read “ sorry if I have ever done any of you all wrong and he also posted two other pictures on Instagram—one with a female friend and another with a male friend. He captioned these two pictures, “I got real ones, love you both a lot.”

While his grieving family refused to speak on the tragedy, his friends said he had shown no signs of being troubled till Monday evening. “He hung out with us, laughed and cracked jokes on Monday evening. He did not seem upset at all,” said a close friend.

Another added that the teen was good at academics. “Our results were out quite a while back and he was under no pressure from his family as far as studies were concerned. We have no clue what went wrong,” he said. The police will examine the teen’s cellphone and social media accounts to find out if he killed himself for any other reason.

An accidental death case has been registered. The post-mortem examination is yet to be conducted.