Friday, March 5, 2021

In 226 year of history New year stock Exchange Appoints first female leader.

In 226 year of history, the New York Stock Exchange has appointed a first female leader. From chief operating officer, Stacey Cunningham will be elevated to the leadership role.
Her Appointment means that both the Nasdag exchange and NYSE will now be run by women. MS Cunnigham replaces Thomas Farely who run America’s best-known stock exchange since 2013. She began her career at JJC as senior positions at Nasdag before joining of NYSE.

She also has a passion for cooking.she spent nine months mid-career in studying culinary management. she told that the way you interact with your coworkers during stress everyone knows not to take it personally.on the floor you might in the heat of the moment be aggressively fighting over trade.

The NYSE and Nasdaq no longer dominate trading the way they used to. Thomas Farley joined the NYSE in 2013.