Thursday, May 13, 2021

How to turn off the Apple iPhone’s personal Hotspot ?

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when your iDevice’s “Personal Hotspot” is turned on all the time, other people could privately connect your iDevice’s network and use your mobile network traffic. Then What’s more, when you connect your iDevice to PC, PC could share and consume a lot of your iDevice’s mobile network traffic. then Opening your iPhone’s 3G/4G Hotspot for a long time may cause a great deal of power consumption. So how to close Personal Hotspot?
Step 1: please open the “Settings” of your iDevice, then you can see the “Personal Hotspot”. (If you cannot directly find the button “Personal Hotspot”, then please click “Cellular” to view it.)

Step 2: please click on the “Personal Hotspot”, then it will be turned off. Kindly suggest you to immediately close iDevice’s “Personal Hotspot” after you use it, or it may consume a lot of electricity.