Monday, October 18, 2021

How To Stop Smoking Using Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Much has been documented about the side effects of smoking and the urgent need that calls for quitting it. Tobacco smoking results in cancer and many other deadly diseases. Nicotine is the main addictive substance in tobacco. When a person consumes tobacco the body gets used to the nicotine in them. When a person quits tobacco they even quit nicotine. The problem arises when the body doesn’t get nicotine and thereby faces withdrawal symptoms.

The culprit is nicotine:

The presence of nicotine in tobacco leads to failure while trying to quit smoking. Therefore when one tries to quit smoking they need to consider consuming Nicotine in any other format. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) gives you nicotine in the form of patches, sprays, inhalers, gums, or toffees but not any other harmful chemicals in tobacco. NRT gives relief to people from the physical withdrawal symptom so that the user in focuses on the psychological, emotional, and mental aspects of quitting.

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It has been documented that by using NRT the chances of getting successful in quitting smoking increases manifolds. Signs of nicotine dependence are as follows:

 more than one pack Smoking in a day

Smoking even when sick

Smoking within 5 minutes of waking up

Waking at night to smoke

Smoking to overcome the withdrawal symptom

How does NRT work?

 NRT can help in easing the difficulty that arises due to withdrawal symptom and cravings that most people have while they embark the journey of quitting tobacco. With the use of NRT the symptoms get easier and thereby one can leave smoking. Start using the NRT as soon as you do away with your pack of tobacco or have decided that you need to bring a positive change in your life. Along with NRT start counseling or other support or indulging in activities or regular exercises and meditation can help in quitting tobacco

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