How to Replace a hard disk of 16 GB iPhone to 128 GB

Please note that the readers except the skilled mobile phone technicians are not suggested to use this method. the 3uTools has released a tutorial “How to Unlock the Apple iPhone iCloud ID through Hardware Unlock Method“.
After upgrading the 16GB iPhone to iOS9 or above, you will find 16GB storage space is not enough for daily use. Actually, it’s not a good way to delete apps or clear photos/music to solve this issue. And it’s the pity that you leave the 16GB iPhone alone after purchasing another 64GB or 128GB one. Next, we will show you how to upgrade the 16GB iPhone to 128GB through replacing a hard disk.

16GB iPhone 6 Plus.

  1. Disassemble the iPhone.
  1. Disassemble all the screws. Take out the iPhone’s mainboard. Then take the photo of all components.
  1. The front side of the mainboard

The back side of the mainboard

  1. the iPhone 6 plus has a thinner mainboard than iPhone 5s. then The black chip in the middle of the mainboard’s backside is called flash memory chip (hard disk as follows).
  1. This iPhone uses SKhynix hard disk. Let’s make the comparison between the old 16GB hard disk and new 128GB hard disk.
  1. The hard disks of the Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus are supplied by SKhynix, SanDisk, Toshiba and etc. In order to expand the iPhone’s storage space, you need to use a new hard disk to replace the old one.

Here, someone would like to ask why it’s possible to replace one hard disk while the hard disk, baseband, chip, and fingerprint are closely connected. Then, Of course, you need to replace a set of chips through the traditional method. But now you have to replace a simple hard disk with the help of a novel box which is able to read/write hard disk’s IMEI.
Apple will allow the iPhone’s activation if the hard disk’s IMEI, iPhone IMEI, fingerprint and CPU match completely. Each hard disk has the unique serial number, so you only need to write the IMEI of the old 16GB hard disk into the new 128GB hard disk.
So, This is the IMEI box which can read/write iPhone hard disk’s IMEI

  1. The works line is also required.
  1. then after Put the new 128GB hard disk into the IMEI box.
  1. Electrify IMEI box.
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10. Open the read/write software platform.

  1. Then Write the IMEI (Settings→General→About→IMEI) of 16GB hard disk into the new 128GB hard disk. Herein, the whole process of upgrading the iPhone’s storage space is half complete.

Implant tin onto the new 128GB hard disk. Then put it aside after this step completed.

  1. iPhone’s mainboard.
  1. Use the hot wind to help remove the original glue around the 16GB hard disk.
  1. Then after removing the glue, please keep using the hot wind to heat the 16GB hard disk…
  1. When the time is up, then please pry off the 16GB hard disk.
  1. After the taking out the 16GB hard disk, you need to go on handling the mainboard after it becomes cool. Then Install the 128GB hard disk. Now Put this new hard disk (implanted with tin) onto the corresponding position. please Use the hot wind to heat it till it’s soldered steadily.
  1. Then after the hard disk is get replaced, you need to use 3uTools or iTunes to flash iPhone in order to activate it normally. (Here, flashing in DFU mode is suggested.)
  1. Hear, now the whole process of upgrading iPhone’s 16GB storage space to 128GB is completed! Then Also you can use this method to upgrade the storage space of other devices, for example, iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 6, 6s, 6s plus, iPad…