Thursday, May 13, 2021


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Improve Your Kids Immunity In Winter

Winters are the best time to grab your shades and spread the mat under the Sun to get the sun-kissed skin. Season to party and picnic has come. People across the world enjoy this season, the food the air everything gets so special in this season but somewhere we all dread this season. We bring home the bugs and the whole family would end up getting sick. Maintaining immunity of your family and yourself is very important in this season and thus is winter ready. These natural remedies help to stay fit:

Turmeric and spice milk

Milk with turmeric has been termed as a golden potion in all the countries of the World. People in the west have incorporated this drink in their diet to achieve a healthy life. So why not let us also grab this natural and easily available ingredient from our kitchen. Boil the milk add organic turmeric along with ginger, clove, cardamom, and honey. Voila, you are ready with a yummy yet health tonic. Organic turmeric is essential for the recipe as no chemicals is the key great health. Add almonds for enhancing the taste and health benefit of the drink. A wonderful drink to fight body pain also and can be consumed by all the members of the family be it the kids or their grannies or you yourself.


Any herbal and natural cough syrup has this important ingredient.  So why not grab this ingredient and make a great and fresh cough syrup. Take honey and add some ginger or tulsi juice in it. Consume it twice or thrice daily and say bye to the cold and cough. An effective yet mild way to treat your cough and cold, with so side effects or drowsiness.

Tulsi Infused Water

 Drinking water infused with tulsi can help to treat any infection for this season. Put little leaves of this medicinal and holy leaf to the taste of water. Start it from the beginning of the season so the immunity gets well to build up before the season knocks.

Eucalyptus oil or Nilgiri oil

This one essential oil just keep it handy apply on their upper lips or nostrils, rub a little on their clothes, hanky or pillow all this will keep them away from cough and cold. Even putting a few drops in their bath oil can help to fight congestion and keep them warm all day long.

Malethi(licorice root)

this one of the oldest way to treat cold and cough. Just take a small stick of this herb in your mouth and put in your mouth for the day long. It has two benefits it is great mouth freshener and also helps to cure cough and it tastes too good.

Above were a few tips that could help to fight the adversities of the cold season. Most importantly having a healthy balanced diet is the key to boosting immunity.