Wednesday, April 14, 2021

How to Care for Eyes During the Chilly Winters!

How to Care for Eyes During the Winters!

Retaining moisture can help to reduce dryness in the eyes during the winter season says an ophthalmologist. Dry, itchy eyes are quite a common problem during the winters as the level of humidity goes down.
Usually, it is seen that humidity drops in the season with cold weather and it is common for people to turn on the heat in the homes or offices to fight the chilly cold. Thus you end up having the lower level of humidity even in your home and making warm and dry conditions inside as well. Therefore moisture can evaporate from your eyes at a much faster pace.
Thus the important aspect is to retain the moisture in eyes to do away with dryness in the eyes during the winters:

  • If there is a heater at your location that is reducing the moisture at your place then add a humidifier also to get back some moisture in the air.
  • Stay hydrated during the season, drink lots of fluid and it’s the best way to maintain moisture in eyes.
  • Do not directly blow heat in your eyes as it can dry the moisture in your eyes.
  • While traveling in cars the heat vents should be directed towards the lower body rather than face and particularly eyes.
  • Wearing contacts in the winter can further lead to dry and itchy eye so if possible do away with the contacts as much as possible. 
  • Wearing shades or another accessory like a hat or gear to protect the eyes from dirt particles or wind can be quite helpful.
  • Using a medicated eye drop can be of help, but only if approved by your health advisor.

In spite of the above if still there is dryness in your eyes you need to consult an ophthalmologist.