Wednesday, March 3, 2021

How To Build An Achievable Fitness Plan

What is easier building fitness and what  is  tough  following the fitness? Social media posts, Google, or our friends all  have  supplied  us  with  ample  information  that  can  help  us  in building fitness plan. We have made resolutions for sticking to the plan and obviously bribed ourselves to follow  the schedule.  However,  we fail in  doing  so  for the 100th time. Thus at this point we need to actually introspect our fitness plan and access is it achievable?


The most important aspect that makes your fitness goals achievable is the fact that your fitness plan should be achievable on the fitness place. Ask yourself a few questions and answer them with honesty.


What are your bad habits?

The answer could be stress eating or sitting for long hours, or not being able to manage your schedule.

Fight the devil your bad habits- if you are eating unhealthy then stop and ask the reason what attracts you here and train your brain to explain the  side  effects  of  these  meals.  Gradually there will be a shift from the unhealthy to the healthy.  It  will  take  time  but  then  you  will enjoy the meals that are good for your health. Similarly own a diary write your schedule and dedicate thirty minutes daily to your regime and gradually increase the period.How to build an achievable fitness plan


Where you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

One for being unfit, out of shape, having no stamina, feeling drained out most of the times, and 10 if you feel you are totally fit and energetic.


The ratings- you know why the rating you have bestowed  on  yourself,  thus  slowly  try  to improve the rankings with small goals like build your stamina and take a point for it. If you are on ten points then diversify and challenge yourself to do something new.


What are the reasons that deviates you from your fitness plan?

There are several reasons owing to which we tend to lose our focus like work pressure, travel, illness or anything that stopped you to achieve your fitness goals.

Avoid the roadblocks- there will always be some or the other roadblock or obstacle to stop you but gearing up and taking out time for the activity is the key to success.


How much time you spend actively on staying fit?

Answer in a week how many hours per day you give to your work out regime is it enough or not.


The routine- having a fixed routine is the trick that can  help,  like  make  it  a  point  to  do exercises after you wake up or before you sleep and no matter what stick to it and then see the difference.


Which fitness activities that you enjoy the most?

Answer after thinking and considering your schedule is it walking, swimming, cycling or what that you enjoy the most.

Indulging in the activity- start your regime by doing the activity that you enjoy the most  and thus there will be no stress of doing it rather you will enjoy and get relaxed after the session.  

Now that you have everything clear regarding your bad habits and ways to overcome them draft a written plan to make them concrete and you are good  to  go  with  your  significant achievable plan.