Saturday, May 15, 2021

How to Backup and Upgrade ios devices using 3uTools

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This tutorial is majorly about how to backup SHSH blobs and upload the local SHSH blobs. SHSH is the key for restoring, downgrading and upgrading iOS devices. The iPhone 4 with the SHSH file backups can be downgraded to any compatible iOS version using 3uTools.
Please note the benefits of backuping the SHSH via 3uTools:
a.)  the 3uTools can store the SHSH on its cloud server so that you can get it back easily later.
b.) As to the iOS firmware versions below than iOS7.0, it’s not required to care about the Apple’s closing the firmware signing; you can still “backup SHSH from device” even though the Apple has stopped the firmware signing.

  1. An introduction to SHSH 

What is SHSH?

SHSH is short for Signature HaSH blobs. SHSH is the certificate which can be used to verify the legitimacy of restoring iOS firmware via iTunes. During the processes as upgrading and restoring the iOS firmware versions, iTunes sends the device’s ECID to the Apple’s authentication server, and applies for the SHSH upgrading/restoring this firmware version; and then after the Apple will send a SHSH file in relation to the ECID to iTunes via Apple’s authentication server, so that the iTunes can continue the particular iOS firmware upgrading/restoring successfully. Let’s cite an example: SHSH is a coded key, and you need the particular SHSH file to get the access of flashing the firmware version.

What can we do with SHSH?

In general, Apple will stop the signing of older firmware after a certain period as the latest one is released. For example, Apple released iOS 7, and then stopped the signing of iOS 6.1.3. The “Signing closed” means that Apple will not allow the particular iOS restoring. But you can upgrade or downgrade your iPhone 4 to any compatible iOS version by using the 3uTools if your iPhone 4 has SHSH backups.

Why do I need to backup SHSH?

If you want to do restore your iOS device to a particular firmware version and its signing has been stopped by the Apple, you need the SHSH blobs to pass the Apple’s authentication server.

  1. How to backup SHSH files?

Step 1. Please Install the latest 3uTools, and connect your iPhone to the computer via the USB cable. Start the 3uTools.
Step2. Tap Flash Jailbreak→Advanced→backup SHSH from apple. Keep the device is in DFU mode according to the reminders of the 3uTools.
Step 3. The software can help for backup the SHSH file to the cloud server of the 3uTools automatically. (local path C: :/Program Files (x86)/3utools/download/shsh_file)
Note: As to the “Query SHSH” feature, the 3uTools can automatically backup your SHSH in the process of querying SHSH. If the firmware version is below iOS7 and its signing has been stopped by the Apple, you can directly use “backup SHSH from the device”.

  1. How to upload SHSH? 

Step 1. Firstly install the latest 3uTools, and connect your iPhone to the computer via the USB cable. Start the 3uTools.
Step 2. Click Flash jailbreak→Advanced→upload SHSH
Step 3. Choose the SHSH file as you want to upload, and then after click open.
Step 4. At this moment you have to finished the SHSH upload, and then after it could be stored on 3uTools permanently.
However, the 3uTools may probably support downgrading more iOS devices with SHSH backups in the future.