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Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss Hindi Romantic Movie

Horn Ok Pleassss is a 2009 Bollywood romantic comedy film directed by Rakesh Sarang. The film stars Muzammil Ibrahim and Nana Patekar in lead roles.

Horn 'Ok' Pleassss Hindi Romantic Movie
Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss Hindi Romantic Movie

The protagonist of the film, Govinda (Nana Patekar), plays the central theme role. His own life’s theme works only around love. He’s a truck driver, and also a billionaire, who goes out of his way to spread and support his ‘hobby’ for love.

Ajay (Muzammil Ibrahim) loves Sia (Rimi Sen), the twin sister of Govinda’s wife Ria (also played by Rimi Sen). Govinda does not know this. Ajay’s unplanned surprise is his meeting with Govinda. And him seeking his help leads to a chain of incidents.

This chain of incidents decides whether Ajay gets his lady, the Sia-Ria confusion be solved and how Govinda will be able to survive this self-created life-or-death chaos for love.
Originally, Tanushree Dutta was supposed to do an item song in the movie but she quit the movie citing sexual harassment by Nana Patekar, Director Rakesh Sarang, Producer Samee Siddiqui, and choreographer Ganesh Acharya.

During the shooting of that song sequence, Tanushree’s car was damaged by a mob. This was disclosed by her in an interview in 2018 following which a furor erupted.
She was replaced by Rakhi Sawant

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