Thursday, July 29, 2021


 In the entire history, it is for the first time in Ahmedabad world’s first in-human telerobotic coronary surgery took place on 5 December 2018. The inhuman telerobotic coronary surgery in the medical terminology is the popular stent placing in the arteries of the human heart. 

 The surgery that took place with the latest method was different from the conventional stent placing was that the cardiologist Dr. Tejas was in Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar while the female patient is in a hospital in Ahmedabad, 32 km from the surgeon. World’s first such surgery was operated upon through a revolutionary and patented technology known as the Corpath. Corindus Vascular develope This technology Corpath. 100 Mbps internet network required. Experts said that only a bandwidth of twenty megabytes is sufficient for the surgery.

The female who volunteered for the operation is a woman from Kalol. She had a heart attack recently and her one artery was already operated upon. The cardiologist Dr. Tejas said that the team placed a stent in her second artery that was clogged. He further added that this big achievement is his small tribute to the Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

World’s first-in-human telerobotic coronary surgery happened after 32 years back. This significant breakthrough paves the way for extremely critical cardiovascular surgery getting access to the remotest corner anywhere. The patient need not be near the expert. This is the first transformation with the help of mobile technology.

Only a few people suffering from heart diseases receive life-saving treatments due to the limited access to specialized medical facilities and timely medical care. We hope that this technology will be a great achievement for cardiovascular treatment.

For such high-end surgery, it requires special training to the local surgeons. “I look forward to getting this technology available to the common man in the remotest area,” said Patel.


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