Monday, March 30, 2020

Happy World creativity and innovation Day 2018 Special

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”~ Scott Adams

World Creativity and innovation day April 21 is only one time in the year during which you are invited to welcome and generate new ideas, take new actions and achieve new outcomes that make the world better place make peoples place in the world better too.

like newly planted seeds and your efforts to make a difference will require lots of hard work, Patience, perseverance, the new creative year begins to remember the impossible takes just a little bit longer and you can use creativity in problem-solving, innovation and entrepreneurship. We all feel boring when we do the same thing over and over, again and again in the same way while expecting the different results. we have all heard this saying and often apply to change life negative habits.

However, this statement can also be applied to the creative process and scientific innovation. This day Provides us a lesson to solve old problems in a new way with the potential of finding better and better more effective ways to accomplish our goals.

History of World Creativity and Innovation Day:

In 1452 a man was born who set the standard for the renaissance man in both arts and sciences.mathematics, music and innovation, invention, geology, astronomy anything he turned his mind to made great advances.

His logical approach to the world was truly advance and unusual for his time. World Creativity and innovation day were established to encourage everyone and find the true nature of self and the inner voice of our intuition.

Creativity and innovation are beneficial in every step of life.

How to Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day:

Start the day out by brainstorming and keep all your worries out of your mind and sit down think for a moment think about your life what kind of life you live and what you can do to improve your life and what kind of the things you want to change in this world, not for yourself but for all around people this thing must be beneficial to all not only you write it down.

And say this thing to the community or where you do the job say your new ideas of change so it may be helpful to all people. World Creativity and Innovation Day could be the day that set your life on a whole new path!

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