Saturday, May 15, 2021

Happy Uttarayan 2020:Importance of Uttarayan

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Uttarayan is Celebrated on the 14 January Every Year. Now let’s see the Meaning of Uttarayan. The Term Uttarayn is a Sanskrit word. Term Uttarayan is made from ‘Uttara’ and ‘Ayan’ Uttara means North and Ayan means Movement. On this Day Sun Enters in the Capricorn sign That’s why this day is known as Makar Sankranti.
Makar Sankranti is Hindu Festival Celebrated across all over India. This Festival was origin from Gujarat. This Festival is celebrated in different styles as per different parts of India. In Gujarat and Maharastra, This Festival is celebrated as Uttarayan.In the Southern states of India, it is celebrated as Pongal. During the time of Pongal People Only Eat Vegetarian Food.
Uttarayan is a Significant festival in Gujarat it is celebrated for two days. The First Day is Celebrated as Uttarayan and the second day is celebrated as the Vasi Uttarayan. During Uttarayan Flying kites Event takes Place in Gujarat including Ahmedabad, Anand, Surat, Vadodara. During the festival of Uttarayan Sky is Filled with the Different Colors of Kites.
During Festival of the MakarSankranti people savor Undhiyu,chikki.

Importance Of The Uttarayan:-   

In Bhagwad Geeta Lord Krishna Has Said that Uttarayan is the most Auspicious Period During this six month has a maximum Light. During this period if somebody leaves his body he will get moksha.
Bhishma Pitamah also leaves his Body On the Day of Makar Sankranti. On Uttarayan Bathing in Ganga has a religious Significance. 

 Famous Places to Visit in India On Uttarayan:-

1)Ahmedabad, Gujarat 
2)Haridwar, Uttarkhand
3)Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 
4)Amritsar, Punjab
5)Kolkata, West Bengal

Happy Uttarayan 2020 Messages:-

The festival of Sun is here!
wishing you and your family
lots of happiness and sweet surprises
on Makar Sankranti!
May this wonderful Sankranti
brings you new hopes and dreams
 positivity for you and your family
I wish you a very happy Makar Sankranti!
 your life is blessed with love,
 your life is blessed with Lakshmi
your life is blessed with happiness.
Wishing you Happy Uttarayan!
The God of Sun blesses you and your family for a great harvest this year!
Have a beautiful Pongal Festival!

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