Friday, July 10, 2020

Happy Teddy Day 2020

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Happy Teddy Day 2020

Teddy Day is Celebrated on 10 February Every year on Valentine’s week. This Day is the Fourth Day of Valentine Week. On this Day People Give Teddy Bear to their Love Ones. Gifting Teddy Bear to someone is a way to Express your Feelings of love for Valentine even you can gift it to your friend, favorite person, your daughter.

Teddy Bear is a popular soft toy widely available in the market in different colors and sizes. Gifting Teddy Bear to your loved ones is the best way to express your feelings. Teddy Bear’s Different colors indicate Different feelings.


1)Red Teddy Bear – Love is in the air

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Red Color is the indication of passion, desire, and never-ending love. This is a color of blood so it is associated with danger, anger, energy, and determination. Red color Describe emotional intensity between two people.

2)Blue Teddy Bear – Love Is Deep

The blue color is the color of sky and sea it is an indication of trust, faith, wisdom, confidence, and depth of your emotion. If your loved ones give you Blue color Teddy Bear then it is an indirect signal that she/he is madly in love with you.

3) Orange Teddy Bear – All Set To Propose


The orange color is an indication of happiness, passion, joy, and creativity. This color gives a sensation of heat and fire. If you receive an orange teddy bear that means the person will propose you very soon so we’ll prepare for valentine’s day.

4)White Teddy Bear – Already Booked


The white color is an indication of peace.but if you receive a white teddy bear then it means the person is already in a relationship with someone else.

5)Black Teddy Bear – Your Love Is Rejected

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Black Color is a Symbol of Power and elegance but at the same time it also an indication of depth and evil. So If you Receive Black Teddy Bear then it means the person rejected your love proposal. This time you have to keep faith in yourself and move on. Don’t try to ashamed of yourself.

6) Pink Color Teddy Bear – Proposal Accepted


Pink Color is an Indication of love, compassion, unconditional and never-ending love. If someone gift you Pink Teddy bear that means the person accepted your love proposal and he/she wants to relationship with you.

7) Green Color Teddy Bear – Still Waiting For You


Green Teddy Bear is the color of growth, harmony, and freshness. This Color indicates that your lover is always waiting for you. An only emotional strong person can do this.

8) Yellow Color Teddy Bear – Break Up

The yellow color is an indication of joy, happiness but if you receive yellow color teddy bear that means the person wants to break up with you.he/she don’t want to Relationship with you.

9) Purple Color Teddy Bear – Better Luck Next Time


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Purple Color is Made Up of red and blue Colors. Both colors show stability and energy. But Purple Color Teddy Bear indicates the person no longer interested in you and it’s time to move on.

10) Brown Color Teddy Bear – Broken Hearts

Brown Color is an indication of a dangerous color. If your Love ones give Brown teddy bear that means you broken her/his try to resolve the problem and understand your relationship in a new way.

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