Happy missing Day 2019

Missing Day is Celebrated on 20th February of an anti-valentine week. On this Day you can Send Message if you missing someone. Missing Day images send to the person you love. The Most painful moment of life is when you don’t meet your loved ones the whole day and missing them badly.

When you are in a relationship with someone and for some reason, your relationship is breaking up you can not forget that day you spend with your loved one that moment is very painful.

Happy missing day 2019 messages 

“When she is with me I feel like the whole world is in my hand but when she goes away I feel like I am nothing without her I miss you so much, my love.”

“Even if I spend the whole day with you I miss you the second you leave.”

“A hug for you means I need you

A kiss for you means I love you 

A call for you means I miss you 

Happy missing day 2019 “

“In my life, I learned how
To love, To smile, To Be happy, To Be strong,
To work hard, To Be honest, To Be faithful, To forgive.
But I couldn’t learn how To forget You
I Miss You”

“You are my Favorite drug and I can but I am addicted to your touch and crave your presence whenever you are not near my side.” 

“The only reason

Why I never become sad

Even when I miss you

In a way that is really bad

Is because I know

From deep down inside

That even when you are away

Your love is always by my side

I miss you, my love”

“when I with you I forgot myself, I forgot about my problem, my family, my job, my dreams, my priority of work, I forgot this world, in short, I forgot everything but when you leave my side I feel worthless and it seems like I have no life without you.”

Happy missing Day to all

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