Monday, October 18, 2021

Hair Care Tips: Shampooing Tips That Deliver Results

After a hair wash in the salon our otherwise dull, dry, and faded hair get a new lease of life. I often wonder what wrong do I do at home that the result is dull dry hair even when using the same shampoo. The query led to intensive research and I discovered the  follies  that  I made which resulted in bad hair days. The solution is here and hope it helps you  to  get  cascading hair which can bring ear to ear smile on your face.


Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner that worked wonders for your friend may not suit you. Select a mild shampoo and conditioner that is free from harmful chemicals  and  is  as  per  your  hair type. There are different types of shampoos meant for thick, thin, straight, curly, colored, and other types of hair. If you have certain hair problems like frizzy,  dandruff hair  fall  and  any other then there is a solution that can cater you. Moreover you just need a dollop of shampoo not a large quantity.

Start with a quick rinse

For best results the tip is to first wet your hair thoroughly and then apply your shampoo that you have diluted with a little water. Wet hair will loosen up the oils on your scalp and  open up the cuticle of your hair. Now gently massage  the  shampoo  on  your  hair  and  scalp  to remove the impurities. The massage will create  lather  around the roots and then move this lather to the roots. The hair is dirtiest  at  the  roots  so  special  cleansing  is  required  here. Another fact is that the ends are oldest  and  fragile  thus cannot handle much of lather thus you need to be careful there.No friction please

Love your hair even if they are full of grit, oil, and germs. The more you rub them the more friction is created and friction is the biggest  enemy  of hair.  Friction  in  hair  can  result in breakage and hair fall.

Apply conditioner and serum

Conditioner is the key that works wonders for your hair. Apply  conditioner  on  the  tips  of hairs and not roots. It is so as scalp releases its own oil thus conditioner is not required here. Detangle your hair with a detangle comb while applying conditioner. Let the conditioner sit for 10 minutes or if you have time for  longer.  Thereafter  rinse  your  hair  thoroughly  (no residue of shampoo or chemical should remain in hair it  will result in  build up )from  cold water. Never shampoo your hair from hot water as it can harm the hair.

The above four steps will ensure that you have swaying and full of life hair that shines all day long.   

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