Thursday, July 29, 2021

For the Love of Whatsapp, use it with these Settings

For the Love of Whatsapp, use it with these Settings

 We are a constant user of Whatsapp and share messages every second. We are a part of at least 5 Whatsapp groups. Where there are images, videos pop up in chat in every 5 minutes.
The four main reasons why you should change the way Whatsapp handles images and videos on your phone:

  1. Changing the settings will keep your phone clean. Your phone’s memory will get stuffed with unnecessary junk images or videos. Side effects of memory being full are many so it’s better to change the settings or the phone gets slower. 
  2. we are scared of suppose you are in a meeting and presenting a presentation and suddenly you open your personal Whatsapp group chat and then in the middle of the presentation there is an adult joke on the screen this is embarrassing and changing the settings will save you.
  3. Certain messages have been termed as illegal like messages to incite violence, messages that say to harm India or its integrity or such messages such never reach your phones internal storage as then unknowingly you would become a lawbreaker.
  4. Save data, using stop automatic download of images and videos.

The benefits are many so now let’s see what the settings are, it is simple to go to the Data and Storage option usage in your Whatsapp settings and change the settings to “no media” inside Media auto-download section. Its simple and you are saved from downloading any media files as soon as it latches on the internet connection. Thus if you want to store a message download it manually and store it. Similarly, if you disable automatic media download in Whatsapp when connected to Wi-Fi.
The simple change of settings just by a few clicks helps so much thus incorporate them in your smartphone and save yourself and for now happy Whatsapping. 

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