Thursday, July 29, 2021

Happy Flirting Day 2021

Flirting Day 2021

Flirting Day is celebrated on 18 February Every Year. This Day comes After Perfume Day in an anti-valentine week. The Word Flirting has a different meaning it depends on the situation. I fare in a relationship with your loved ones and your relationship is stepped forward from friendship then you can do something romantic it is called to be flirting. But if you are not in a relationship and you want to cover all this thing then flirting is called as extra friendly.

Sometimes people not actually flirting but they want to get more attention from a beautiful person. In fa ew words you can sum up the meaning of flirting is I Love You. Here Love remains Constant and you are Variable change with the time.

Nowadays everyone is flirting and they name as love. But there is a vast difference between love and flirt. Love is feeling from the heart and on another side, flirt is only for time pass in flirt you don’t attach with person intentionally. So enjoy and celebrate Flirt Day.

Happy Flirting Day 2019

Happy Flirting Day to all.

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