Thursday, July 29, 2021

Five Tips To Increase Productivity At Work

Everyone wants to increase productivity at work. There are 24 hours in a day and to excel in work it is crucial to improve productivity. To increase output either increase your working hours or work smarter. The latter option is more desired by all. Therefore the article throws insights on the factors that can increase productivity.

Track and limit the time that you are spending on tasks

Either write down or keep a close track of the time that you are spending on the given tasks. Most people are not able to estimate the passage of time. To use the time effectively one should know where the time is going. Once you are aware of where you are wasting time or the areas that are taking more of your time you can rectify it and improve your productivity. Also, set self-imposed deadlines will help to stay on track. If you have a deadline the chances that you will complete the task on time increases manifold.

Take regular breaks

All work and no rest for small intervals can reach you to the saturation point. The small scheduled breaks can help in improving concentration. Short breaks during long hours of work can help in maintaining a constant level of performance and increase productivity. Working for long hours with breaks helps to increase productivity.

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Complete the two-minute chores

There are certain works that actually take two minutes or even less to do it. The tasks that take so little time if left for the future will consume more time or you may entirely forget it. Essentially, doing the work when you are at it will increase your productivity.

No multitasking

People claim that multitasking increases your productivity and the number of tasks done at a point of time. However, the fact is multitasking will result in a waste of time and decreased productivity. The best option is to first complete one task and then get to another task.

Perfection is an illusion

We get stuck to one task and try to increase the perfection quotient. Perfection is an illusion, thus rather than chasing behind this illusion move ahead. Do the task to the best of your ability and move ahead with another task.

If you desire to increase productivity try spending fewer hours at work but then try to schedule the time more optimally.  

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