Saturday, April 10, 2021

Five Most Visited Cities In The World

Irrespective of the travel trends there are few travel destinations where people want to return again and again. The tried-tested destinations are loved and people from all parts of the world frequent them.

1) Bangkok, Thailand

22.78 million visits Bangkok every year. The charm of Bangkok lures millions of people from all parts of the world. People love the bright life that Bangkok has. It is very popular for shopping also. Since the last four years, Bangkok continues to be the most preferred destination. The Thai city has earned the title of World’s most visited city.
2) Paris, France

19.1 million people frequent this place every year. The stunning gardens, Eiffel tower, fountains, watch the world and go by attitude, or the calmness of the place attracts the tourists. Paris has everything right from cosmopolitan outlook to forests, landscapes, coats, and more therefore, there is something for all the travelers.
3) London, England

The place has slipped from the second position to the third yet attracted 19.09 million people. There are several sights in London like Big Ben, London Bridge, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and more that attracts people. Even if you desire to take a dive into history there are many options for you.
4) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

15.93 million people visit Dubai and spend in this place more than anywhere else in the world. Dubai has everything right from malls to Ferrari World, Burj Khalifa and more destinations that attract tourists.
5) Singapore

Frequented by 14.67 million people Singapore is a much preferred holiday destination. Singapore’s varied charm enchants travelers. The life and culture here are diverse which attracts people to settle there and indulge in their passions.
Visit these places and you will agree that these destinations are enchanting and remarkable.