Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Five Most Expensive Graphics Card In World

It was started in 1940 when Whirlwind I, the first computer graphic was developed for the US Navy to locate objects. It acted as a stimulator and paved the way for something that we are using currently. The innovation is Graphic Cards that is loved by the gamers. Graphic Card gives images to the monitor. It converts the data into a relevant signal thus the monitor can understand. it manages the picture displayed on the screen. The market is flooded with graphic cards and here is the list of the most expensive Graphic Cards.

GTX Titan Z

GTX Titan Z is the best and the most expensive graphic card. It costs around 3000 dollars. The shiny looking card remains cool even after running for hours. It is a dual GPU thrust using two Keplar structurally designed processing units. It has 5760 Cuda Cores that allow the GPU for a wide variety and range of processing functions.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

One of the most graphic cards available in the market for a whopping amount of $1,368.30. It has an interface with games with an RTX function. It has over 11GB of memory that supports 4,352 stream processors. RTX 2080 has a high FPS 4K that provides games for one card and is compatible with USB.

AMD R9 290

Available for 749.99 USD it presents the best gaming experiences. It has to make strides with 4GB RAM space for the video. The edition is targeted to supply cryptocurrency.

GTX 780 Ti

NVIDIA is indeed the pioneer of creating high-quality and highly expensive graphic cards. GTX 780 Ti is a unique card that has high frequencies. It has a memory configuration of 3072MB with 2880 CUDA cores.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

NVIDIA although a pioneer in the field had faced critic on grounds of it being super expensive, thus created a not so expensive yet expensive and powerful Graphic Card. The card is priced at $416.99. The model can run anything at 1080p and has a 6GB memory.

The above memory cards are expensive yet the price is justified on the grounds of them being robust and having amazing memory capacity.