Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Five Most Expensive Cities To Live in World

The economies have gone for a toss due to the pandemic yet in the year 2020 the list of the top most expensive cities to live in the world is as follows.

Hong Kong

The beautiful city that is bustling business hub. He city attracts tourists from all over the world and even people desire to settle in this city making the most expensive city to live.

Vancouver, Canada

The city of maple trees and perhaps the calm meadows of the city attracts everyone. The cost of living in this beautiful city is enormous making it the second most expensive city of the world.

Sydney, Australia

The most expensive city in the Southern Hemisphere and the third most expensive in the world. It is the largest city in Australia and the New Year celebration in the city is the most talked about event in the world.

Melbourne, Australia

The golden sands and crystal blue beaches are something to die for. The city is the fourth most expensive city in the world.

Los Angeles, California

The entertainment capital of the world is frequented by many and has head office of many well-renowned corporate houses. It is the fifth most expensive city of the world.

The cost of living, transport, grocery, medical facilities, schools, labour, and more, all are very expensive in the above-listed cities.