Friday, May 14, 2021

Five Best Gaming Microphone of 2021

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To chat with friends or for Twitch streaming the best gaming microphone is required for crystal clear audio. During the battlefield, if you want that your voice is heard during the battlefield then opting for a microphone will be a decision that you will never regret. The market is flooded with innumerable options of gaming headphones. Given here is the list of some of the best microphones that are of the best quality and readily available for purchase. Not only for gaming when you need to focus on hobbies like voice recording or singing then getting a microphone is the right decision.


HyperX QuadCast

One of the most expensive headphones but due to the quality it has grabbed the market. It presents excellent warmth and clarity taking gaming aesthetic to next level. It has a unique three-diaphragm that allows for four polar patterns. HyperX has an unconventional stereo system. Tapping the top of the mic mutes it and handily turns off the light.

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Razer Seiren X

The most competitively priced portable microphone that has taken the market with a storm. It is available in three-color options black, mercury white, and quartz pink. It has one polar pattern with super-cardioid. If you travel a lot then owing to its lightweight and small size it is a great option.

Beyerdynamic FOX

The best gaming microphone for recording music. It has a mute button at the top and a high low gain toggle at the rear of the mic that provides immense clarity. The mic can give any angle for recording, and it is because of the sturdy metallic pop shield that clips without any need to unscrew.

Blue Yeti USB

The most user-friendly mic in the market that comes in the best price range. It picks up the available vocal signal at all times. The controls give immense ease while streaming. It has single volume control and mute button that is placed at the front of the mic, making it easy to use.

Blue Yeti X

It has the best sound fundamentally with the useful multi-functional dial. The four polar patterns give it versatility. It has claimed its popularity because it best suits the streamers. It provides a smoother sound with better sensitivity. Blue yeti X gives the best clarity and ease for recording. In terms of performance, price, and features it is a steal deal.

The above microphones are made for users to take their gaming to the next level or start their career as steamers.