Friday, March 5, 2021

First Made-in-India engineless train gets on track for trial run in chennai

The first train manufacture completely in India. It looks like a bullet train. It will be released for trial in a week’s time.  Sudhanshu Mani said “A train set is a rake which is self-propelled and does not need a locomotive”, general manager of (ICF) which has designed and manufactured the train set, known as Train-18, at a cost of Rs 100 crore.

A second rake would be ready by March, with costs expected to reduce as more rakes are manufactured and manufacture of train 20 is also started. Routes of this train are Delhi-Bhopal, Chennai-Bengaluru, and Mumbai-Ahmedabad. Also, Travel time cut down by 10-15%. 

The train has better acceleration than conventional trains as it has 50% more power and is equipped with a smart braking system consisting of regenerative and electro-pneumatic braking imported from Hungary.  Sudhanshu Mani said “This is one of the most ambitious Makes in India concepts.

An imported rake of similar characteristics would have cost Rs 170 crore, he said. Established private companies in India would have taken 36 months to deliver a similar product, he added.

Two executive class coaches in the center of the train have seats which can rotate by 360 degrees. It gives the option of enjoying a straight-on view of the scenery.

Only Seats are imported from Spain. For the first time, passengers would be able to knock on the doors of the driver and also have a look at the panel, as the train has a continuous profile. The speed of the train will be a test on the Moradabad-Bareilly and Kota-Sawai Madhopur stretch next month.