Thursday, July 29, 2021

Facts About HIV You Must Know :World AIDS Day 2019

December 1st Observed as the World AIDS Day Every Year. First Time This day is Celebrated in 1988. It is an International Day to raising awareness about AIDS. It is also known as HIV Day. Red Ribbon is a Symbol for HIV positive people.
HIV Means Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The name suggests itself immunodeficiency means this virus totally damage the immune system of the body. A person with AIDS Dies within 3 years.HIV virus killed the immune cells of the body which is known as CD4 cells.

History of AIDS/HIV Day

This Day was first Conceived in August 1987 By James Bunn and Thomas Netter. Both people Took their Idea to Dr. Johnathan Mann Director of the Global Program on AIDS. Mann approved this idea And also agree with the recommendation of It should be on the 1st December 1988.  

Facts About HIV:-

  • The full form of AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
  • According to the World Health Organization, 37.9 Billion People Live With HIV at the End of 2018.
  • More Than 35 Million People Have died of HIV.
  • 7.7 Lakh people Have Died of HIV In 2018.
  • 1.7 Million People were newly affected with HIV in 2018.
  • HIV Can be transmitted through breast milk, vaginal fluids, and semen.
  • HIV is incurable Diseases, HIV cannot be cured. 
  • AIDS is the Most Advance stage of HIV. An untreated person with HIV can develop AIDS.

Symptoms of HIV:-

  • Fever
  • Headaches 
  • sore Throat
  • weight loss
  • cough
  • Diarrhea

Myth About HIV:-

HIV Does not Transmit in the following condition

  • Kissing.
  • Hugging.
  • sharing foods.
  • sharing object with an HIV positive person.
  • Handshake with HIV Positive person.

HIV Day Theme 2019:-

This year the theme of HIV Day is community make Difference.

World AIDS Day 2019 Images:-

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