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Everything You Need to Know About and social platform

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Everything You Need to Know About and social platform 

Everything You Need to Know About and social platform
Everything You Need to Know About and social platform

Bad news for websites all around the world: Stumbleupon is closing doors. It will shut down on 30, June 2018. Active accounts will move over to Mix, a curation website from StumbleUpon creator, Garrett Camp.
StumbleUpon was an excellent website that did what it was meant to do: discovery engine, for the best and most interesting websites/news/posts all over the world.

Good Bye. You’ll be missed.

Over its existence, the service racked up 60 billion stumbles for 40 million users. It still had +9 million visits and an average visit time of about 6 minutes. With StumbleUpon closing, a lot of websites are taking a hit in terms of traffic. Tread Topic is an example of that and you will watch that effect when I publish the August 2018 Blog Numbers.

Lessons Learned

This should be the time to pause, and learn some lessons: never rely on a single source of traffic. Tread Topic as other websites throughout the internet benefited from the traffic that was coming from Stumbleupon.
Now that will change. Adapt.
Always look for alternatives to your current sources, so when one fails you can compensate or decrease the “hit” by continuing to see traffic from other websites. It can change because is closing or due to changes in the algorithm (like facebook).

Free Alternatives

For those of you that loved StumbleUpon, one free alternative is the one being created by the founders of StumbleUpon: Mix. I already have 99+ awesome followers. I got to be honest with you: it doesn’t bring as much traffic as StumbleUpon did. But it brings a lot more than I was expecting. Considering it is a new website/discovery engine.
Our approach with Mix is different from most popular social discovery and news apps as it’s not just focused on real-time news and posts from your friends. Instead of a timeline-based feed, your recommendations are based on a semantic and social graph… what you like + who you know. (Source) Key Characteristics

  • Inside you will find recommended pages each of which is based on your interests or endorsed by people you follow;
  • The best content will be suggested according to multiple characteristics: new, “likes” from friends, personal interests, and trending among people with similar interests.

Very Easy to Use

If you want to use it in order to add interesting websites, posts, news, articles and so on, just:

  1. Create an account;
  2. Start adding websites (you can use the Chrome extension);
  3. Insert the website according to a collection (they will be suggested).

On the other hand, if you want to discover new content, just go to the tab “For you”, and start reading. Numbers

According to SimilarWeb, as of 15/08/2018, already has +2.48M visits and a total average duration of +4:13 minutes per visit. Pages per visit are 4.69 and with a bounce rate of 55.48%.
Leading traffic by country is the United States with 38.59%, India with 9.73%, the United Kingdom with 6.48%, Canada with 6.48 %, Turkey with 3.14% and you can check other country traffic on similarWeb.
So if you start an account with, don’t forget to say ‘hi’ on my personal profile.

Everything You Need to Know About and social platform
Everything You Need to Know About and social platform