Sunday, May 16, 2021

Download iOS Ringtones Using 3uTools

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Most of the iOS users would like to use different ringtones for themselves? Then how to set a ringtone for the iDevice? How to download and import ringtones to your iPhone using the 3uTools? Let’s see the following procedures.
Step 1 Please download the 3uTools, then connect your iPhone to PC. Click “Ringtone” on 3uTools.
Step 2 Then the 3uTools will automatically help import the ringtone to your iPhone after the download is finished.
Step 3 You can click on the button “Downloads” on the top right corner in order to view the downloaded ringtones. Then also, you can re-import the downloaded ringtones.
Step 4 After that ringtone import is finished, you can view and manage your ringtones on the button Ringtones (iDevice→ Ringtones).
Step 5 Please pick up your iPhone, then click on the “Settings→Sound→Ringtones”. Now you have to successfully download and imported ringtones to your iPhone using the 3uTools. And it’s very simple to set a ringtone for your iPhone, isn’t it?