Thursday, February 25, 2021

Don’t Miss on these 3 essentials to get fit

Don’t Miss on these 3 essentials to get fit

You can join a gym and exercise regularly and you can force yourself to run every other day. But what if all the effort you put in your workout is actually working against you? What if all that hard work and self-discipline will not pay off?
Like you need a positive working environment in your office or home, you also need the right environment in your gym. In fact, you need that in any place you work out. You could be exercising in your home or running on the streets outside but you still need to create a zone where you feel you can give your best.
There are also other aspects to why you might not see results after your workout. Along with the environment where you are working out, your diet, sleeping routine, workload, etc, also make a considerable difference in your progress.

Healthy Nutrition

Since the introduction of junk food, people have been neglecting their long-term effects on their bodies. But now, there is a realization among people all over the world about the ill effects of junk food. Junk food will only keep you satisfied for s short span, I mean there is a reason it’s called the happy meal. But nutrition is what will keep your body happy and healthy.
Nutrition is an essential part of your body and your workout. You need to exercise to improve your overall health and not just the way your body looks. Cutting out on that junk food will not only help you see faster results but will also make you healthier.
Including more protein in your diet, will help you build muscles faster. Cutting out on fat, carbs, (and alcohol) will give you better results. Planning your meals throughout the day and including the right nutrition that is needed by your body is as important as going to the gym every day.

Fresh Indoor Air

When you speak of indoor air quality, it does not sound like something that will affect your workout progress. But indoor air quality has a huge impact on your progress and an even bigger impact on your health. Indoor air quality refers to the level of pollution that is present indoors.
You might not come across the term indoor air quality every day but here is why it is important to improve the indoor air quality.

Faster progress

Everybody wants to see a hint of muscle in their stomach right after their first week in the gym. But that cannot happen if your body is not healthy. When you work out, you inhale a lot more air than you do otherwise. If the indoor air quality where you are working out is poor, it can deeply impact your health.  
Small pollutants present in the indoor air, enter the lungs through the nose and mouth and have harmful effects on the human body. This not only leads to diseases and makes you unhealthy but also reduces your stamina which leads to a lower progress rate in the gym.

Air monitoring

Air pollutants are present in the poor indoor air quality that you cannot see with the naked eye. Monitoring the indoor air helps you see the invisible pollutants that are reducing the indoor air quality. Air monitors help you in identifying the pollutants present in the indoor air and estimating the level of each pollutant. Smart air quality monitors from brands like Kaiterra, uHoo, can even help in monitoring the level of humidity in your indoor air. Ideally, a level of 30-50% of humidity should be maintained for good indoor air quality. Humidity higher than this can lead to the formation of molds, which are poisonous fungal air pollutants that harm human health.

To improve health

Poor indoor air quality has a lot of health impacts on the human body. Indoor air quality can cause various health hazards and damage the body. Short-term exposure to poor indoor air quality can lead to coughing, wheezing and inflamed airways. These symptoms are often confused with symptoms of cold and are not treated properly which leads to prolonged exposure to the poor indoor air quality. Long-term exposure to poor indoor air quality can have various serious health impacts on the body. They damage the lung function and affect the pulmonary, neurological and respiratory system. It can even trigger asthma, heart attack or lung cancer.

‘Fit’ Lifestyle  

Getting out of your bed and going to the gym isn’t enough for you to achieve healthy lifestyle goals. There is a lot more to a healthy lifestyle than just going to the gym. Your body, just like everything else, has a clock. It has a defined system and time for everything, be it eating, sleeping or exercising. And you can only live a healthy lifestyle when you follow your body clock. I know how hard it seems for this generation to go to bed timely because nobody wants to miss out on their favorite Netflix series but staying up late (and even waking up late) affects your health. When you workout, your body needs rest and time to heal. Proper sleep helps your body in healing and resting.

Similarly, planning your meals in a day is important for your body. A heavy and nutritious breakfast is essential, followed by a filling lunch and light dinner. This helps your body in maintaining a balance and staying healthy.
Maintaining the right environment for eating, sleeping, exercising and pretty much everything else is the key to healthy living. Start today by planning your meals and workout, monitoring the air around you and reducing the indoor air pollution and improving the indoor air quality.