Monday, October 18, 2021

Don’t Let Your Skin Reflect Your Stress

Stress is the most negative word and we all try to run away from it. No matter how hard and far we try to run away the closer t seems, like your shadow. Gradually we get so used to the stress that we often listen to ourselves saying that stress is a part of life. The disclaimer that we make affects our work,  relationship, looks,  health,  and skin.  The effect of stress on skin is massive as skin is the biggest sense organ and reflects any negativity.  Stress causes blemishes and breakouts; it leads to dehydration that results in fine lines and wrinkles. Even hair suffers negatively, when stressed you experience humongous hair fall and graying of hair. Thus try to make efforts so that your skin does not reflect the stress it is going through. Here are a few ways.


Teach yourself to relax

Some people need to be on the constant go, they don’t want to pause for a  while and relax. Every day makes deliberate efforts to meditate with sincerity, as it will help in relaxing. When you relax your body releases chemicals as it helps to fight the stress hormones you create. Set five to ten days each day to relax.



Exercise is the ideal stress buster. It improves blood circulation that is good for the skin as it releases endorphins that helps in relaxing and staying calm at the same time.  Dance your way to fitness, as it is the best stress buster.


Stay focused

Staying in a situation of brain fog or not being able to understand the situation of the process is the worst feeling. Try to control the situation rather than getting overwhelmed by it with the help of prioritizing. Keep a notebook handy and as you get something in mind, or have to do a task, or call someone write it in the diary as it will keep your mind clear from clutter and stay focused on the important work rather than trying to recall what has to be done.


It is difficult to overcome stress and negate the side effect that it bestows on us. However, take each day and every moment as a new opportunity to reduce your stress and keep it below manageable levels.

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