Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Technological advancement in the field of medicine attained a higher level on Wednesday when the world’s first-in-human telerobotic coronary intervention was successfully conducted in Ahmedabad. The surgery was conducted by Dr. Tejas Patel who serves as the Chief Interventional Cardiologist at Apex Heart Institute in Ahmedabad.
The patient who volunteered for the first experimental coronary stenting was a middle-aged woman. Dr. Patel chose to guide the robot to perform the surgery from the Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar. While the patient was at the catheterization lab of the hospital in Ahmedabad, around 32 kilometers away.

The procedure lasted for 15 minutes. A team of doctors and paramedics were stationed with the patient to take over the surgery manually in a situation of any technical failures or other contingencies.
Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Vijay Rupani, called it a “path-breaking day for humanity.” He is even keen to explore the possibilities of making this technology accessible in remote locations and also for soldiers serving on the border.

As quoted by the Ahmedabad Mirror, Dr. Patel said that “With this technology, we began with 32 kilometers but soon we can treat patients that are 300 or 3000 kilometers away. It will enable us to cover remote areas and cut down on time spent in a hospital.” Dr. Patel further stated that the three basic requirements for this procedure are a catheterization lab, a robot, and good internet connectivity. He is also of the opinion that in a few years this treatment will become affordable even for the lower-middle-class families.DOCTOR AND ROBOT CREATE HISTORY This advancement surely suggests that the combined efforts of doctors and technology hold a bright future for the medical field. The use of robotics during complex surgeries will provide doctors with more control and precision.