Difference between Telegram group 18+ and whatsapp group18+


telegram group 18+  is far better than WhatsApp group.18+ Although most of the users are using WhatsApp because of their unknown about telegram features. Below I have given some special features of telegram applications.

  1. Our all messages, images, and videos will be saved in the cloud.
  2. The latest version of telegram groups is available in Telegram.
  3. We can send any kind of file and documents. It may be 1.5 GB.
  4. Telegram bots can also find
  5. We can create any telegram channels. If a member will post any, then all members can be seen that at a time.
  6. Telegram application can be support in any platform like- Android, ios, windows phone, PC, Linux, etc.
  7. If we want to chat with secretly then the messages will be deleted automatically. For that, we have to set time.
  8. Here username features also available. If we have not any contact number of other, then we can also communicate with them.
  9. More features are available also, If you will use this app then automatically you can know everything.

From the above facilities, We proved that telegram is the best app from other apps. You can chat frequently with your friends but before you have to follow my some terms and conditions

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