Delivery Boy at Flip kart Become a Multi Millionaire.

Local delivery boy named as Ambur lyyappa become multi-millionaire after the big deal completed between Walmart and flip kart. Ambur lyyappa born in Vellore city of Tamil Nadu.
He started working in flight courier company as a delivery boy. Ambur lyyappa become multi-millionaire not only because of his hard work but also his constant learning attitude he believes that constant learning would fetch great results.
A man who started working with a salary of 8000 a month is now multi-millionaire and prized possession of Flip kart. Ambur was born in Vellore in the middle class family. After completing school he moved to Hosur  130 km away from his home to study diploma.
During his diploma study, he starts an apprenticeship at Ashok Leland manufacturing company of heavy vehicles. After completing his apprenticeship he joined flight courier company at Bengaluru. He believes in hard work and new learning approach so he cannot stop only as a delivery boy at flight courier company but his learning attitude makes him manager of the company in 4 years of period.
During this period lyyappa felt that this was the right time to an acquired new skill and he applied for leave of three months to do a diploma. After he returned from his course he felt shocked because company authority said that someone else had been appointed in his place and they had no position vacant to recruit him back.
he felt sky had fallen on him he had no idea about his future now what to do in the future. Luckily he met his one friend who was working as a delivery boy in a flip kart and come to know that flip kart was looking for an in-house logistics person. At this time the flip kart is a small business company who sell books online no one knows about flip kart.
Ambur met Binny and Sachin to apply for a vacant post. Ambur assured them that he handle the situation and make necessary changes in the delivery system. Ambur becomes the first employee at flip kart and was paid 8000 rs per month. Flip kart was so small at this stage Ambur had no joining latter for a year had worked purely because of his faith in the company.
Lyyappa had assured the co-founders that he would handle the delivery system and make amendments. Initially, he was a little bit confused about how to go forward but after he is aware from the whole delivery system, it becomes very easy for him to bring major changes which made life easier not only for the company but also for the delivery boy.
Lyyappa had a great memory that he would remember had what books and on which route a delivery boy had left to deliver the product. Due to all this skill company had registered his number as customer care number.
Bansal brothers were amazed at the level of his competence and offered him shares in the company. This was a gold mine for him and as the mature person, he used this gold mine.
The shares which were not worth at the beginning of time but now has the value ten times more than what it had earlier. He sold only part of the share to cover his marriage expenses and sometime in 2013 for personal reasons. His shares are millions of dollars today.
Moral of this story was everything happens for a good reason. At a certain point in his life he has no job and uncertain future and when he goes for course for three months after company authority said there is no vacant position and we could not recruit you back so this thing happened for a good reason because if he stays in flight courier company he would probably have never become a millionaire.

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