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National Mathematics Day December 22,2020

National Mathematics Day

Today is Srinivasa Ramanuja’s 133rd Birth Anniversary. On every year the 22nd of December, the National Mathematics Day is celebrated in honor of Srinivasa Ramanuja. He has made an immense contribution to the different fields and branches of the subject.
His vision, analysis, theories of numbers, continued fractions, and infinite series are of great significance even now. Today on his 133rd birthday we pay him tribute and the followers of this mathematician share their warm wishes on social media platforms remembering the world-famous Indian mathematician. Across the country, various colleges and universities have arranged for events to commemorate the day and boost the morale of their students in the study of Mathematics.

India’s contribution towards mathematics has been commendable right from Aryabhatta’s contribution of ‘zero’. Due to this invention of zero, various mathematicians like Brahmagupta, Srinivasan, and many others are ruling the world of Math.

 Why has Srinivasan’s birthdate chosen as World Mathematics Day?

This mathematician from a very young age was passionate about his study of mathematics. At a tender age, he had taken the world by storm due to his learning and contribution. Born in Erode, Tamil Nadu in the year 1887, he had a deep interest in mathematics. At the age of 12, he mastered the very complex trigonometry and developed many theorems without any assistance.
The most revolutionized turning point came when in 1913, he wrote to a British mathematician, G H Hardy. The man instantly sensed his intelligence and wrote back to him, inviting him to London. Ramanujan got into Trinity College, Cambridge and from there it was no looking back for this genius.

He was the youngest member of the London Mathematical Society in the year 1917. He also became a Fellow of the Royal Society and was the youngest member to achieve this success. His contribution to the mock theta function that generalizes the form of the Jacobi theta function while preserving their general properties. All because of his noteworthy contribution in the field of mathematics that in the year 2012 it was decided that his birth anniversary will be marked as the National Mathematics Day.
His health was forever in bad condition and it worsened when he arrived in England. He was affected with tuberculosis and severe deficiency of vitamin and was confined to a sanatorium. Only at the age of 32, he died at Kumbakonam, Chennai. In his short span of life, he gives vast contributions to the world of mathematics. They are remembered and of significant importance to date, he was a great role model and has inspired many.

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