Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Ball Tempering Scandal :Hanging sword on Steve smith and Warner Cricket Career.

The Indian Cricket Council make a shocking decision on ball tempering scandal by Warner and steve smith a one-match ban and Decide to deduct 100% Match fee. England Captain Michael Vaughan tweet on this “Pathetic Penalties for cheating”. All this incident did not take up as a cover-up instead of crime.

This thing needs to be punished hard and it must be an act of blatant cheating caught live on camera because there is no evidence of this thing so it must be caught live on camera. Pakistan Cricketer Aamir was banned for five years. It was the case of cheating the game. This time the Australian team player did this.

On Ball tempering, BCCI executive Ratnakar Shetty Rudely reply why ICC has to raise the charge? Match referee and umpire are supposed to raise the charge and take action as per rules and regulation after completing the inquiry.

South Africa team player Kagiso rabada punished for two matches because of shoulder contact with a batsman while Bangladesh team player Shakib-al-Hasan gets fined of 25% of his match fee because of calling his players out of the field in protest and also responsible for breaking glass door inside the dressing room.

ICC didn’t make any specific rule for ball tamper. So question is arise in tennis if I argument over umpire I get called, in football if I wrongly tackle player inside the box I get sent out of the team then why cricket game have no specific rules for the ball tampering. According to Sydney Morning Herald report David Warner is central character of the ball tempering scandal.

If cricket association give a decision to suspend both players for a year then there are chances that they might not even part of the Australian cricket team.

Nasser Hussian former England captain says “Ball tampering has been always part of the game, so we should not to get holier. The behavior of Australians was different due to the premeditated nature of the crime smith was in charge of a very good cricket team but a team that is not especially popular even back in Australia.”¬†
Michael Atherton says“It has gone on since the year dot. If the condition of the ball changed you get a five-run penalty and change the ball that hardly sends the message that this is a heinous crime”.