Saturday, September 25, 2021

Cooking For One- Six Tips To Help You Help Yourself

When staying alone and cooking only for yourself can become daunting. moreover,  cooking healthy food becomes a challenge. When cooking for your family or loved ones it is easier to cook and there is enthusiasm, but it is not the case when cooking for oneself the same task is dreaded. However, here are a few ways that can help you get sorted and cook healthy meals.

Keep the pantry full and stocked

If the pantry and stock is full of healthy items can increase the convenience to cook. In your freezer have frozen veggies and fruits, soaked lentils and beans and this  entire can  help  in cooking easy. Have wide variety of spices, condiments, and sauces can help to  fix a  quick, and delicious meal.

Try one pot meals

There are some life savior dishes that require one pot to cook. The examples of such dishes are soups, stews,  and  casseroles,  they are  full of  protein and  veggies  in the  single  dish. Therefore the workload is reduced and you enjoy a wholesome meal.

Give makeover to leftovers

At times we are incidentally left with certain leftovers use the meal and a little more and get another batch of wholesome meal. If you have boiled potatoes convert in to Quesada. There are limitless options wear your creative  hat and enjoy  the meal.  At times  you can  cook a little extra and store it in the freezer for future use.

Have a planed schedule

Often we observe that it takes more time to think as what we need to cook thus  if you  have planned schedule as what has to be cooked when then it gets easier to cook. Make a planner and stick it your kitchen and enjoy cooking.

Have breakfast for dinner

Swap your dinners and breakfast. If you have omelet for breakfast then you again have it for dinner, or if you had curry for dinner  then enjoy  it again for breakfast.  It will  make  things easier.

Adjust the recipes

There is no need to  follow  the recipes  to the exact  description or  ingredients.  As per  the availability of things and your preference  adjust the  recipe. Like if a cookie recipe asks for both brown sugar and white  sugar then  replace it with one  option if you  don’t house  both  the options. The taste will get hampered but not much and you will get a recipe that you can cook and enjoy.

The more you will cook the more you will learn about the cooking. Importantly, prioritize yourself  and  your  health, as  it  will  work as  the  biggest  motivation  for  you  to  cook wholesome meals for yourself.  

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