Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Complete Guide To Grammarly Premium Tool Is It Worth It

Creating error-free and easy to understand content is a herculean task, there could be grammatical errors and typing errors in the content. It will create quite an embarrassment if the content has some of these errors. Finding a reliable and cost-effective option for correcting the content with the help of Grammarly’s premium tool is the most cost-effective and best available option.

What is Grammarly premium tool?

Grammarly is free grammar checking software with an additional paid-for premium subscription plan. Grammarly checks your document and helps in rectifying all the grammatical errors, punctuations, mistakes, spelling errors, plagiarism issues, and any other error related to speech of the content. If you are skeptical regarding the worth and use of the tool then Grammarly’s free grammar-checking tool is definitely worth trying.

How does the Grammarly premium tool work?

The tool was launched in 2009 and since then it is the most trusted tool and is used all around the world. It can be used with the following.

  • MS Office Plugin
  • Grammarly’s native app for Windows and Mac
  • Grammarly keyboard for iOS and Android devices
  • Grammarly’s browser extension


How to download and get started with Grammarly Premium tool? Go to Goggle and download the app. It will give you either a free option or a paid option. Make the payment and sign in to the app while creating your account. Then open after this copy and paste the text in the app and start the edit option. Within seconds the answer will be available and the corrections will be made.

Who can benefit from the Grammarly premium tool?

The Grammarly Premium tool is for both native English speakers and for people who use English as their second language. People who are working as the following use the tool for upgrading the standard of their work.

  • Professional translators
  • Professional copywriters
  • Bloggers
  • Students
  • Social media content creators
  • Professional writers

No matter how good your skills are in the given language, the chances of making a few errors or missing punctuations always lie there. Thus, using Grammarly Premium Tool acts as a savior.

Here are features and benefits of the tool that make it worth your while and money:

 Grammarly is a comprehensive tool that helps in rectifying various mistakes like.

Spelling mistakes

With the help of tool, all the spelling errors are detected thus you can rest assured that the document will have no spelling errors.

Grammar and punctuation error

There will be no grammatical error with the help of the tool. The mistakes include grammatical and punctuation errors from basic to advanced nature. It also provides guidelines to correct the sentence and make it readable.

Pattern of writing

The best aspect is that it is an audience-centric; this implies that it makes corrections as per the audience reading it. It has options to select the type of English ranging from American to Australian to British or any other accents of English.

Plagiarism checker

Grammarly compares the document with other millions of pages and makes sure that you get a 100% authentic and original article. It also detects the source of duplicate content and even provides the original option for the same.

Human proofreader

After the tool has made corrections and still, you are not satisfied then you can hire a human proofreader to help you with editing. A human proofreader is an accomplished person with expertise in the language.

With the premium version of tool, you get various other features and assistance.


How accurate is Grammarly?

With the above facts, it is clear that Grammarly helps in creating a better and cleaner document. Grammarly is not a foolproof tool yet it presents accurate results between 90 to 95% and this is way better than any other mode used to make corrections. It can safely be said that it creates excellent articles with almost no errors or mistakes. Grammarly is available in monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. Depending on your requirement take the plan. If the work is supposed to last for the entire year then go for the annual plan but if the work is less and will finish in a month then the monthly plan will suffice.