Thursday, May 13, 2021

China Plans to Launch First Seaborne Rocket in mid-2019

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Seaborne rocket china

All rockets are launch from the ground, But now China will make a seaborne rocket in mid-2019.In Seaborne rocket is launch from sea site. Seaborne rocket has more advantage than a ground rocket launch.

This country plans to conduct its first seaborne rocket launch in the middle of this year, said by Jin Xin, the deputy chief commander of the rocket.

China has achieved a breakthrough in the key technologies for seaborne launches. The Long March-11, with a length of 20.8 meters. It take-off weight of about 57.6 tonnes. It is the only rocket using solid propellants among China’s new generation carrier rockets.

It has a relatively simple structure and can be launched in a short time. The rocket can carry a payload of up to 350 kg. It is mainly used to carry small satellites and can take multiple satellites into orbit at the same time.

A seaborne launch has many advantages over a land launch. The launch site is flexible, and the falling rocket poses less danger. Using civilian ships to launch rockets at sea would lower launch costs and give it a commercial edge.

It will also help lay the groundwork for developing reusable rockets and recovery technologies at sea. The seaborne launch technology will help China provide launch services for countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Long March-11, which made its maiden flight on September 25, 2015, has so far sent 25 satellites into orbit in six launches with high reliability and good performance rates.

China recently successfully launched a lander and rover on the dark side of the moon, becoming the first country to attempt the complex maneuver. Also, China plans to 30 plus space launches this year