Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Chilling winters call for tea, but quitting it will be better

India is a country where any guest who is at your place or for that matter even an unknown person comes up we simply offer tea. We are a tea-obsessed country and the chilly winters give us an all-time excuse to indulge in those extra cups of tea. Tea has certain benefits of consumption but those are when you consume it without sugar and milk. However, the milk laden masala chai is a treat but then there are so many reasons to actually quit you’re this addiction. Here is a list of a few of those reasons.

1] Teeth Stains

This is the most horrible reason and for this, you need to actually quite the tea. The tea affects the pH balance inside your mouth and this harms the enamel of the teeth, resulting in tea stains. However drinking water or brushing teeth can help solve this problem but only to an extent, so doing away with tea can be of help.

2] Sugar load

Tea is one of the beverages that have a high level of sugar content and this can affect your sugar levels in your body. It is easy to overlook the amount of sugar that you consume with tea but if you carefully observe it is too much sugar and can affect your health.

3] Caffeine issues

Only up to a certain level is caffeine is good for health otherwise it has many health issues. Consuming it late in the afternoon or night can hamper your sleep and also lead to heart issues.

4] stomach issues

consuming tea with milk can lead to stomach aches and Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and this is a result of consuming too much of tea. It is recommended to consume only 1-2 cups of tea daily any excess amount can be harmful.
Prevents iron and calcium absorption- the importance of iron and calcium in our diet cannot be neglected. Iron deficiency leads to low energy levels and constant fatigue. Calcium deficiency can result in weak bones and body aches. Consuming supplements for the two cannot assure that your body will absorb the two. Tea hampers the absorption of the essential vitamins and minerals in the body and thus should be avoided.
Leads to anxiety and stress- a cup of tea can take away stress or wake you up in the true sense in the morning but that is only done at the cost of your mental health. Tea consumption leads to increased levels of stress and anxiety.
The benefits of tea cannot be overlooked but the excess of anything is bad and so is with tea, therefore consume tea but in moderation.